Bear glacier flows down from the mountains in British Columbia, surrounded by clouds

Oh! Canada Again!

On our way North to Alaska, we didn’t stop in Canada for very long. Tom and I already explored the east coast of Canada. We planned to explore the west on our way back from Alaska.Our first stop on the return trip was Congdon Creek Campground in the Yukon Territories. The whole place was covered with wildflowers! Such beauty! But, there were a lot of warnings about bears in the area. They even had an electric fence around the tent area.I hadn’t seen a bear yet. Tom tells me all the animals he sees while he’s driving, but I was always asleep for the bears. Bears or not, I wish we could have stayed at Congdon Creek a little longer. But, Tom had an appointment to get the den-on-wheels fixed, so we moved on.Our next stop was at Marsh Lake Campground near Whitehorse. It was a nice place, with friendly neighbors. There was even a little lake down a short path. The Yukon is such a wild place. I hope we can go back sometime. But, we still had to travel a few days to get the den-on-wheels fixed.We camped at a little rest area on our first night in British Columbia. There wasn’t much there, so we only stayed overnight. The next day, I finally saw a bear! And, not just any bear, a GRIZZLY bear! We were driving along early in the morning, and I was sitting in my usual spot next to Tom. He yelled, “Bear! Grizzly Bear!”It was big and brown, with a bump on it’s back. Tom slowed down as we passed it. It looked at us, and I didn’t like it. I growled and barked, but Tom said “It’s okay, it’s just a bear”. So, I calmed down and was a good doggie. We saw a couple more smaller bears that day, too. Tom said they’re called Black Bears,At the next campground, we parked right next to the lake. It was really busy, and people were driving noisy boats all over the place. So, we went exploring in the mountains.  We stopped at a place called Bear Glacier. I was glad there weren’t any bears that day.Next, we went to a little town on the ocean called Stewart. It’s just a short drive from there back to the southern tip of Alaska. One of the local boys decided to be our friend, and showed us around the town. He told us how pretty it was on the road to Alaska, but Tom didn’t bring our border papers so we couldn’t go. Phooey! I bet the bears don’t have to show any stinking papers to cross the border.Well, that’s all I have time for right now. Next time, I’ll tell you about getting our den-on-wheels fixed. It didn’t go quite according to plan, but it was all for the best.

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